Deep and sometimes dark, I share my own poetry I created to cope with the realities of living in and surviving an abusive relationship.


Step by step, I walk you through the journey I traveled to face my own trauma on a path to find peace and meaning after abuse.


I've included 30 creative journal prompts that urge you to dive into your truth, your hopes, your dreams, and your aspirations to find your way to the light.


At the end of each chapter/day, I share bits and pieces of my own story that lead me to a new strength that blessed me after surviving abuse.

Release date: 09/01/2020

The monsters under your bed pretend to love you before they devour you.

Have you ever been in a relationship cloaked with lies, deception, infidelity, control, and toxicity? Are you fighting like hell to reclaim who you are after getting so lost in your pain after leaving? You’re not the only one.


Many of us have been abused without even realizing it. 


We fall in love, and little by little, the one we devote our lives to chips away at our hearts one beat at a time. Before we know it, we’re stuck in a miserable relationship that holds us captive to an emotional predator. They work tirelessly to push us over the edge of sanity—all for a promise of the dream that never existed.


Red Flag Conversations is a creative journey through thirty pivotal days on your path to healing that challenges you to work through the pain of abuse. Author Tina Morlock gives you an intimate look at her experience and guides you through thirty creative journal prompts to reconnect you with your truth. If you want to challenge yourself to do something different, take out your pen and open your mind to:


  • Navigate through the pain to discover your truth.

  • Reconnect with the love you once had for yourself.

  • Explore creative writing, art, and photography.

  • Rekindle your hopes and dreams for a better future.

RED FLAG CONVERSATIONS gives you a creative outlet to chase away the monsters for good.

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